Instructions to Transfer Prosthetics Directly From Mold

NOTICE: This section is intended as additional instructions for products sold by FusionFX to professional makeup artists only. FusionFX does not accept any responsibility for the use or misuse of these instructions.


Transfer prosthetics directly from mold

Silicone molds were wiped with vasaline and pre loaded with just bondo (thickened pros aide) that is fully dried. Bondo has been powdered to ship so you will need to wipe the powder off with alcohol on a paper towel before you use them.

1. Just a before shot of brow.  At this point you should paint the brow with illustrator flesh tone or it will show through the cover II did not do that for this demo.

2. Flatten brow with Telesis. Glue around the brow too and leave it sticky.

3.  Telesis coat the bondo in the mold and let it dry.

4.  Line up the mold with bondo side facing the actors brow and press in place. Really push all parts of the mold down so all the bondo contacts the skin and sticks.

5. Slowly start to peel the mold away leaving the bondo on the actor. If the bondo is sticking to the mold, work a little more glue under that area and re press mold down.

6. Brow cover is in place. You can see how the eyebrow color will show through if you don’t paint it out first.

7. Use a q-tip or brush with alcohol to smooth out any edges and get rid of any weird stuff.

8. Here im using a brush with illustrator to paint but an airbrush with some flesh, brown and mauve tones will look better.

9. Finished cover.  You can seal with final seal which will give a little natural shine to it or leave it matte with just illustrator.

Since its just straight bondo it will stick very well. The Telesis in step 2 helps to protect the brow as well as flatten it. Remove with myristate and or super- solv. 

Stephen Prouty