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Welcome to FusionFX


Welcome to FusionFX, the next generation of Makeup FX studios. A different, fresh approach to working in the modern entertainment industry. 

Stephen Prouty with Johnny Knoxville at the Makeup Guild Awards

Stephen Prouty with Johnny Knoxville at the Makeup Guild Awards

Established in 2013 by Oscar and 3 time Emmy nominee Stephen Prouty, FusionFX was formed to address the needs of the ever-evolving film, television and internet entertainment clients. With over 30 years working as a makeup and makeup fx artist,  Stephen saw a need to reimagine how makeup effects are integrated into productions. 

Makeup FX can often be looked at as an extraneous or unnecessary expense. We want to change that mindset by making what we do an important, integral and user-friendly part of any project.

We are where old-school knowledge meets the latest techniques and materials to bring your production a lean, streamlined makeup effects department. 

Our approach is simple, we keep a small shop presence that expands and contracts to meet your productions needs. Why pay for accrued overhead costs of a shop that has been dormant or for extraneous personnel.

FusionFX is a mobile operation so we can construct a shop whatever size and wherever it is most convenient for the production.


Makeup Design

Prosthetic fabrication

Lab services

Specialty Costumes / Creature suit work



Get on Up


Baby Driver

Criminal Minds


Major Crimes

Yoga Hosers

Beautiful Creatures